Spindletop Library and Playground

Youth Development Center

Youth Development Center opens a new Library and Playground in memory of Orville and Margaret Gaither with donations from the family and match Dollars from Spindletop Charities.

In memory of Margaret and Orville Gaither

Youth Development Center (YDC) is an afterschool program dedicated to serving elementary students who are in danger of being left behind because they lack requisite reading and math skills. YDC’s mission is to inspire, equip and guide urban youth to LIVE! The student population is 100% disadvantaged, and they have deeper issues in life to confront each day. Many of the parents of these precious children are incarcerated, addicted to drugs and alcohol, or lack the ability to provide adequate food and safe shelter. After school, the students are welcomed into a loving Christian atmosphere that provides rigorous academic structure, encouragement and discipline. YDC provides the miracle of how education and love help to overcome adversity.

YDC resides in Houston’s Greater Fifth Ward, and it recently opened its doors to a newly constructed, beautiful facility. Due to the gracious donations in memory of Spindletop founding directors Orville and Margaret Gaither in 2017 and 2018, donations from the Gaither family and match dollars from Spindletop in 2018 and 2019, Spindletop named YDC’s Library and Playground in memory of the Gaithers. In October 2019, the Spindletop Library in memory of Margaret and Orville Gaither was dedicated. Education was important to the Gaithers, and they have left their legacy on the hearts of their children and grandchildren, as well as with Spindletop and YDC.


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