The Spindletop Greenhouse

Brookwood Community

The 2007 Spindletop Board of Trustees approved a $690,000 pledge to Brookwood Community for the structure of the new state-of-the-art 24,480 square foot “sawtooth style” Spindletop Greenhouse.

Brookwood Community is a beautiful residential campus located in Brookshire, Texas where functionally disabled adults who have mental and life-skills capabilities of children are given meaningful jobs in trades such as stone-casting, ceramics, and café hosting. Because these citizens are unable to live independently on their own, this loving environment provides them a purpose for personal growth and to learn to be productively involved in Brookwood’s business enterprise. The Spindletop Greenhouse was built in the summer of 2008, and despite the hurricane that damaged other Brookwood greenhouses later that fall, the Spindletop Greenhouse was unscathed. More than 40,000 poinsettias were grown in the Spindletop Greenhouse that year, yielding more than $300,000 in revenues for Brookwood Community.

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