Pro-Vision School

Pro-Vision School is an Texas State charter middle and High School serving the youth of the Sunnyside area of Houston. Pro-Vision has been impacting the lives of youth for 24 years by teaching them to honor themselves and by providing a safe and structured environment in which to learn, grow and succeed. Pro-Vision offers academic classes, job training and enrichment activities that challenge students and provide opportunities for short-and long-term success. The Manhood Development Program, The Job Enterprise Program and The Urban Farm are the three programs that Pro-Vision utilizes to make a difference in the lives of its students. Spindletop has aided with its Urban Farm and their Project 180 Literacy Programs.

During the interesting tour of the Urban Farm, most specifically the hydroponic Spindletop Greenhouse, the Pro-Vision staff guided the visitors on the importance of caring for and learning about plant life. The skill-set of responsibility is taught, and the students discover a passion in horticulture that they may not have otherwise experienced. Pro-Vision School offers a multitude of extra-curricular activities for the students.  The Spindletop guests visited the STEM classrooms and were treated to special presentation of the Pro-Vision boys choir.

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