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Since its inception in 1997, the Crime Stoppers’ Safe School Institute has evolved into a free, year-round program that has educated more than 1 million students in 60+ school districts in the Greater Houston area and throughout Texas. The function of the Safe School Institute is to create a one-stop center for all aspects of school safety. The Institute creates a proactive dialogue with students, parents, school staff and law enforcement and provides students with a safe, anonymous way to report crime and potential dangers on campus.

In 2019, with the assistance of funding from the OTC 50th Anniversary Dinner, Spindletop has made a multi-year pledge to underwrite the Safe School Institute Webinar Series. This series will provide an overview of the Institute as well as necessary tools and training needed to launch and grow individual Safe School Programs – not only in Houston but across Texas and eventually across the US. Participants will be able to watch educational topics specific to cyber safety and bullying, mental health, human trafficking, teen dating safety, substance abuse, animal safety and more. The webinar platform will allow for both engaging live presentations that will incorporate interaction between presenters and participants, as well as static presentations that are pre-recorded for participants to view at any time.

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