Archway Academy- Palmer Drug Abuse Program

For 15 years Archway Academy has provided students who are in recovery from substance abuse a nurturing environment where they can excel in a sober environment in pursuit of their high diploma.  Statistics tell that an adolescent exiting a recovery program and reentering his/her familiar school has an 80% chance of relapse of drug and/or alcohol use within 90 days.  Archway offers young people in recovery, not only the education they need to be successful in life, but the community that allows them to stay sober and flourish. The majority of Archway’s graduates go on to college and many alumni continue to mentor younger Archway students. Spindletop funding to the Archway Academy Scholarship Program allows students to attend the school who may not have had the financial means to do so. Students attending Archway are required to have graduated from a treatment program such as Palmer Drug Abuse Program, resulting in continued support from their peers.

Palmer Drug Abuse Program, which holds an after-school program at the Archway School campus is a support program focused on recovery through acceptance, love, and kindness. Over the past 45 years, PDAP has gone from its inaugural meeting of six teenagers to positively affecting over 1 million youth in Greater Houston and nationally. The Mission of the Palmer Drug Abuse Program is to be the most effective prevention and recovery program helping young people and families avoid or recover from the devastating effects of drug and alcohol abuse. This free and long-term recovery program is of the highest quality and readily accessible to Houston area youth and their families.

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