Be an Angel

Be An Angel (BAA) believes that no child be denied the opportunity to experience life at their fullest potential, and it uses all available means to help create a world where every child with disabilities or profound deafness will have the opportunity to experience improvements in their quality of life.

Spindletop has supported BAA since its inception more than 30 years ago. Most recently, the funds are directed to respite care in selected schools or at home with a skilled caregiver. Low-income families can be assured their special needs child is well cared for as they continue to work at their own jobs during out-of-school months and or to allow to spend quality time with other children.

The Spindletop Site visit was held at T.H. Rogers School, a vanguard middle school located in the Galleria area. The tour was extremely educational and enlightening, knowing that these special children were well cared for in the normalcy of a traditional public school. The gifted and talented students attending Rogers engage with the handicapped children, enriching their lives more than one can measure.

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