The Rise School of Houston

The Rise School of Houston opened in 2000 and it is Houston’s first and only school dedicated to the education of preschool aged children with Down syndrome and other disabilities. The unique aspect of The Rise School is that children with AND without disabilities learn together in an amazing environment and intervention that is provided year-round, five days a week. One notable aspect of their program is that no child is ever turned away from Rise for financial reasons.  For the 2015-16 school year, 66 of their 94 students received some amount of financial aid.  Because of this, children of all socio-economic backgrounds are able to attend The Rise School. Rise graduates are fully prepared to participate as they enter kindergarten, and continue a successful life despite their disabilities.  Spindletop has supported the Rise School’s speech and motor therapy program since 2012.

“Through Spindletop’s generous gifts, our children have made remarkable gains in the areas of speech and motor development which will greatly add to their successes in kindergarten and beyond.” – Janis E. Stailey, Executive Director

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