Connecting the Energy Industry with Children in Need.

Spindletop Community Impact Partners, Inc. enhances the lives of at-risk youth through funding and volunteering from the energy industry, while promoting fellowship and networking among its participants.

Who We Are

Volunteers and Donors from the Energy Industry supporting at-risk youth.

The Spindletop Community is made up of volunteers, non-profit partners, donors and event sponsors. Thanks to the generosity of the energy industry, Spindletop provides integral funding and volunteer hours to at-risk youth organizations across Houston.


What We Do


Since its inception nearly $25 million has been raised to assist programs that support child abuse prevention; pediatric medical research; human tracking prevention and recovery; substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation; education and scholarships, including after-school programs; residential centers and foster care; family health and well-being and much more.

Join Our Cause

Volunteers and Donors from the Energy Industry supporting at-risk youth.

Spindletop organizes annual fundraisers for the local non-profits it supports, along with allowing members of the industry to make direct connections through volunteer projects. Spindletop has unique access to these organizations, which allows donors to see the direct impact their contributions are making in the lives of at-risk youth.



Thank you, in advance, for your generosity! Together, we will make an important difference in the lives of Houston’s most precious resource – our children.

Spindletop Community Impact Partners strives to make the city of Houston a better place; where boys and girls of all ages, backgrounds and upbringing have the resources they need to succeed and realize their full potential. By making a gift to Spindletop, you enable us to expand our reach of touching more children’s lives and helping provide brighter futures to at-risk youth.

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